Born: 28th June 1977. Budapest, Hungary
Lives and works in Budapest and Cologne

I started my career as a child actor working for theaters and films . Over the last  15 years I took part in film and theatre projects as director assistant, director, editor and various crew roles. I am a member of the Hungarian VJ movement, Spidron alternative theatre group and Bat On Ball Creations UK based production company.  Also I am one of the founders of VJ Centrum Budapest.

Personally my works are closely related with the notion of time and identity. Professionally I am working on interactive mixed media installations and directing of feature films and music videos.

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FilmJUS  / Filmszerzők és Előállítók Szerzői Jogvédő Egyesülete
Hungarian Film Association / Magyar Filmművész Szövetség
H.S.D. / Magyar Rendezők Társasága
Hungarian Directors’ Guild / Magyar Rendezők Céhe
Theater Workers’ Union / Színházi Dolgozók Szakszervezete

Education and Traning
1999- 2003:   Eötvös Loránd University (drama pedagogy), graduation
1997- 1999:   Janus Pannonius Univerity (faculty of theater theory)
1996- 1997:   University of Theater and Film Art (actor)
1993- 1995:   Szabó Ervin Highschool (drama faculty), final exam
1991- 1993:   Vörösmarty Mihály Highschool (drama faculty)

Selected Works and Activities
2012.             Disconnected (web series) – director
2012.             III. International Dance Marathon (dance movie) – camera, editor
2012.             ITI Tv – Intim Torna Illegal (image videos) – director
2011.             Dep’art: Yearning (music video) – director, editor
2011.             Plus Thirty-Six (short film) – writer, co-director
2010-11.        Spidron Workshop Theater Company – actor, director
2009.             Vera, My Vera, Verusha (feature film) – director
2009.             Simple Case (experimental theater play) – director
2008.             Jamais Vu (short film) – director
2007.             Anno (animation film) – director
2006.             Postscript (short film) – director
2006.             Ora (experimental short film) – director
2006.             Medley (documentary) – director
2005.             Illusination (experimental short film) – director
2005.             Tiny Stranger (short film) – director
2003.             Doublespeak (short film) – director
2000.             Meeting Point (short film) – director
1997-98.        Radnóti Theater – actor

Festival Appearances
Hungarian Filmweek, Independent Film Festival Budapest, BUSHO Budapest Short Film Festival, Cinefest International Festival of Young Filmmakers, Independent Film Festival  Hungary, International ArtFilm Festival, Pannonfiling Filmfestival, SZEMLÉTEK  Visionaudio Filmfestival, 29th Clermont-Ferrand Short Film Festival /French/, Magdeburg Filmfestival /Germany/, 3-2-1 START Filmfestival /Poland/, ESPINHO FEST – Festival de cinema e video hovem de Espinho /Spain/, QUEST EUROPE -FILMY KONKURSOWE /Poland/, STREDOEURÓPSKY FILMOVÝ FESTIVAL /Slovakia/

2007. Audience award – Cinefest (Postscript)
2007. Best direction – Faludi International Youth Film Festival (Postscript)
2006. Best screenplay – BUSHO (Tiny Stranger)
2006. Kodak Prize – Cinefest (Tiny Stranger)