ps.director: Gergely Fogarasi
D.O.P: Balázs Dobóczi
cast: Bálint Révész
genre: short film
duration: ‘7 min
production company: Eastern Pictures Production Ldt, Populart Pictures Ldt.
year of production: 2006.

festivals: 38th Hungarian Film Week,
38th Independent Film Festival Budapest, BUSHO Budapest Shortfilm Festival, Cinefest 4th International Festival of Young Filmmakers,  reActor Hungarian Short Films, Faludi International Youth Film Festival

2007. Faludi International Youth Film Festival: best direction, experimental block 2nd prize
2007. Cinefest: audience award                                     

short description:
What can compile a 21th century youngster from our confused past, the life of our fathers and grandfathers, from the atmopsphere of the times, the varied history of the 20th century in Hungary? Family stories and historical facts, tales, anecdotes, political and literary events, music effects, retro- feeling, aftershock.
The movie is a long sentence gliding through space and time, through feelings, decades, and generations.