Fast Lovers

FAST LOVERSOrgasmic media- theater

In cooperation with Action Company

director: Gergely Fogarasi
scenery: Linda Csővári, Tímea Tóth
graphic design: István Ocztos, János Bogdán
video design: György Endres
music: Japhlet Bire Attias, Alexi Gergely
premiere: 3th November, 2009. Budapest

László Helyey (Father)
Viktória Világ (Woman)
Anna Sára Kovács (Granddaughter)
Róbert Király (Husband)
Viktor Hankó (Lover)

short description:Röpke Szerelőm The life of a woman: encounter, love, marriage, child, divorce and the hidden conflict with the father. The performance during the collective improvisation of many fields of art (like music, dance, video, theater and fine art) gives insight to that private world which is unique but familiar to everyone.
We do not aim to guide the spectators in the space and time, they can decide how intensive and long the experience want to live through.