Simple Case

Metaphysical video- theater

SIMPLE CASEBased on the original script, A Pure Formality, by Pascal Quingard
Adapted for stage by Gergely Fogarasi

director: Gergely Fogarasi
scenery: Bence Kalmár
video design: Mátyás Kálmán, Dániel Besnyő
music: András Csizmás
premiere: 9th March, 2009. Budapest

Kristóf Horváth (OnOff)
András Réthelyi (Inspector)
Anna Kovács (Janitor)
Balint Revesz (Officer Cloroform)
Daniel Berg (Officer Brimstorn)

What happens when a famous writer is arrested in the remote countryside, and taken to a godforsaken police station in the middle of nowhere? Is Onoff really suffering from amnesia, or is he concealing a  horrible crime? How many possible victims could a rich, successful man have?

“Simple Case” is not simply an homage or deriviate of Quignard work, but instead an innovative reimagination and exploration of the concept, with new icons and symbolism. The story deals with the eternal ideas of crime and punishment, of forgiveness, of sin, and most of all one of the worst fears of men: the knowledge of who we really are, and what lies beneath the mask we project to our peers.

Besides the crime noir elements of the plot, “Simple Case” also attempts to address the metaphysical and philosophical issues of identity, faith, success, and the human condition. This dramatic interpretation draws its guiding inspiration, both in tone and mood, from two particular extremes: on one hand the guilt, anguish, and other negative aspects of religious fanaticism, and on the other the oppressive ideology and bureaucracy of totalitarian regimes.