director: Gergely Fogarasi, Róbert Vajda
camera: Pál Egri, Bálint Jávori, Dániel Besnyő
editor: Pál Egri
cast: István Juhász, Péter Gábor, Bogi Komi, Nóra Nemcsók, Róbert Hrabovszki, Viktor Noé
production company: Vj Centrum Budapest Studio
duration: 6x ‘5- ‘8 min
year of production: 2012.

short description:webse.298812.31

On Midsummer Night the life of four young people changes maybe forever -as it happened 500 years ago too. They are loosing in the jungle of parties, the night is darker than ever. They are searching for new dimensions, new experiences and the body of the other. And finally gangsters and fairies come to complicate the solution.

Based on the play by William Shakespeare.

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